Our Policies

Quality Assurance

Westkon undertakes projects in strict accordance with drawings and specifications issued by the client. When no such formal specification is made available, we work in accordance with the highest standards of current best practice.

Our company is committed to the supply and installation of precast concrete components that meet our client’s requirements on time, first time, all of the time.

To achieve this objective, we:

  • Use a management approach which emphasises the involvement of all employees, from senior management to workers on the factory floor, for the successful implementation of our quality system
  • Provide sufficient and suitable resources to implement and maintain the Quality System
  • Undertake our responsibility to train all employees and enable them to meet their work task
  • Maintain, monitor, review, audit and continually improve the Quality System consistent with the requirements of AS/NZS IS0 9001: 2015
  • Identify, report, investigate and resolve all non-conformances and take action to prevent recurrence
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable codes, standards and regulatory requirements
  • Establish, review and communicate performance measures and take action to improve outcomes;
  • Monitor and evaluate the quality performance of consultants, subcontractors and suppliers and implement effective communication with them on quality and compliance issues; and
  • Set Quality Objectives for projects and review their success at Management Review Meeting

Health & Safety

Westkon is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all employees and all other people as a result of its operation.

People are our greatest asset and their health and safety is our greatest responsibility. The public shall be given equal priority to that of our employees.

The objectives of our HSE Policy are:

  • To achieve an accident and illness free workplace
  • To make health, safety and environment an integral part of every managerial and supervisory position
  • To consult with workers to ensure that health, safety and environment is considered in all of our planning and work activities
  • To involve employees in the decision-making process through regular communication, consultation and training
  • To provide a continuous program of education and learning to ensure that our employees work in the safest possible manner and to industry best practice
  • To identify and control all potential hazards in the workplace through hazard identification and risk analysis
  • To ensure that all accidents and incidents are controlled and prevented
  • To provide effective injury management and rehabilitation for all employees
  • To develop, implement and maintaining our Safety Management System which is compliant with AS/NZS 4801


Westkon supports a global commitment to environmentally sound business practice by actively integrating environmental programs into daily business life at all of our work sites.

Westkon is committed to:

  • Valuing the environment, continually improving the environmental performance of our operations and the prevention of, but not limited to hazardous substances, landfill, pollution and waste disposal
  • Identifying and assessing environmental risk and acting to minimise environmental impacts that may arise from our products, services and operations
  • Establishing measurable and objective targets aimed at improving environmental performance, monitoring and reviewing these measures to ensure we keep improving
  • Operating our business to ensure we meet environmental, legislative and other requirements applicable to our operations
  • Providing information, awareness, education, training and supervision to all employees and contractors to ensure the clear understanding of roles, responsibilities and accountabilities for minimising environmental impacts
  • Encouraging an equivalent environmental commitment from our suppliers and contractors
  • Developing, implementing and maintaining our Environment Management System compliant with ISO 14001