Hollowcore Concrete

What is Hollowcore Concrete?

Most often used in the construction of flooring, hollow core concrete planks are pre-stressed, precast concrete elements that are structurally efficient and light weight. Hollow core precast concrete has continuous voids that run longitudinally throughout the planks.
Also known as voided slabs, precast slabs, hollow core planks or concrete planks, hollow core concrete is a cost effective material which is a popular choice when constructing multi-storey buildings.

Benefits of using Hollowcore Concrete

Light Weight

Due to its hollow nature, hollowcore concrete has a low “self-weight” making it easy to transport and position into place.


Hollowcore is pre-stressed and has inherent strength and structural capacity. Great for multi-story buildings, precast meets Australian engineering standards.

Quick to assemble

As panels are cast to spec off site, they can be simply and quickly delivered to site and erected with little modification.

Fire resistant

Precast panels are highly fire resistant with zero flammability. In some places, hollowcore precast concrete is used as a bushfire barrier.

Acoustic insulation

Due to its mass, precast concrete is great for noise reduction. It is capable of reducing sound penetrating through a wall by more than 80% compared to timber or steel.

Thermal insulation

Concrete has a very high thermal mass (the capacity to store energy) meaning it has the ability to retain heat on warm days and stay cool in the heat, an energy saving advantage.

Reduced Labour Cost

Quick and simple to erect with no need for propping, hollowcore slabs allow for instant access to the work site, meaning on site labour is reduced.

Environmentally friendly

Consumes less raw material and is structurally efficient at reduced thickness. Precast planks are reusable, recyclable and easier to transport (reducing emissions).



Westkon hollow core precast slabs are manufactured at our Melton Plant in Victoria, Australia. We start with a flat steel casting beds in the size and shape that we need. The form is pre-stressed using tensioned steel cables. The concrete is cast around these steel cables and the voids, then allowed to harden and bond to the cables. The tension on the steel cables compress the concrete, giving it strength. Once the concrete has cured it is then ready to be removed from the mould and transported to the construction site. Westkon recently made a significant investment in expanding its hollowcore production by implementing new automated hollowcore production lines. This increase in manufacturing capabilities has allowed Westkon to provide product to projects of all sizes in the building and engineering construction industry.
Our in-house project management software, coupled with our dedicated fleet of transport vehicles, ensures that every project receives on-time delivery of the same high quality precast product.


Hollowcore slabs are capable of long spans and carrying heavy loads. Hollowcore slabs require minimal raw material to manufacture, making them an economical concrete option. Westkon is proud to offer an extensive range of hollowcore slabs ranging from 150mm to 500mm in thickness, as well as elements for specialised span and load capacities, including hollowcore planks and floor panels for the civil, commercial, residential, road and rail, stadium, industrial and general construction industry. Hollowcore slabs and planks provide exceptional design and building flexibility.
For versatile and structurally efficient precast flooring components, choose hollowcore slabs from Westkon.

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