Precast Prestressed Concrete Beams

Westkon: Precast Concrete Beams Supplier

Precast concrete beams come in many different shapes and forms and vary from project to project. At Westkon, we pride ourselves on having the capability to produce and supply any beam – from reinforced and prestressed beams for commercial and industrial applications, all the way to 100t bridge beams and everything in between.

A key structural component for many construction projects, precast beams are often used to support hollowcore flooring, and MiniPlanks, along with numerous other horizontal elements. They require little to no propping during construction, and provide exceptional structural flexibility.

Due to its unique construction off site, precast concrete can lead to reduced labour and materials cost, as well as faster completion of your build.


Westkon are the leaders in producing a wide range of precast and prestressed beams, including:

  • Super tee beams, capable of spanning up to 40 metres
  • T-Roff Beams
  • Reinforced and prestressed bridge planks
  • Reinforced and prestressed inverted tees and edge beams
  • Precast shell beams
  • Precast concrete bridge beams
  • Precast stadium raker beams

Westkon is Australia’s leading precast concrete beams supplier. Your precast beam requirements may vary depending on the nature of your project. To discuss your loading and span specifications, contact our Technical team today on +61 3 8746 1300.