Marina & Docks

Compliance with even the most stringent project specifications

Precast has become the obvious choice for many marina, dock and water treatment projects, due to its durability and ability to withstand exposure to harsh conditions.

With strict quality control implemented at our production facilities, Westkon can guarantee that all of our supplied products comply with even the most stringent project specifications.

Over many years we have supplied to both large and small projects, ensuring that the required design life is achieved.


Some of the precast elements we produce and supply for these types of projects include:

  • Reinforced and prestressed beams
  • Reinforced and prestressed planks
  • Precast fender beams
  • Precast shell beams

To enquire about precast components for your next marina, dock or water treatment project, contact the Westkon Technical department today on +61 3 8746 1300.