Precast Flooring – Hollowcore Floors

Utilising the latest in European technology, Westkon is at the forefront of hollowcore production, producing hollowcore floor planks ranging from 150mm to 500mm in thickness, and MiniPlanks ranging from 80mm to 150mm in thickness.

With our automated hollowcore precast concrete floors production lines, we’re able to efficiently produce a number of different flooring components, including:

  • Hollowcore floor planks
  • Precast concrete floor slabs
  • MiniPlanks
  • Solid reinforced and prestressed planks
  • Stadium seating planks
  • Reinforced and prestressed bridge planks

Delivering your complete concrete package

Westkon can deliver your hollowcore flooring requirements as a complete package, meaning we’ll take care of the production, transport and installation for your project.

Hollowcore precast concrete floors are a popular choice in the construction industry for several reasons:

  • It can serve as an immediate work platform, allowing you and your workers instant access to the site
  • With no need for propping, on site costs can be kept to a minimum
  • Precast concrete floor slabs are fire resistant and provide sound insulation
  • It can be installed as soon as it arrives on site, which can assist in speeding up cycle times
  • It provides a high level of design flexibility thanks to its long span capabilities, and can complement a wide range of precast concrete elements, including beams and wall panels
  • With a high load capacity, it’s particularly well suited to commercial structures

Quality controlled in our dedicated facilities, Westkon’s hollowcore floor concrete planks provide an affordable, durable, and efficient flooring solution.

To learn more about our complete hollowcore precast flooring package, contact Westkon’s Technical department today on +61 3 8746 1300.


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