Infrastructure – Road Barriers & Bridge Girders

Precast concrete elements of immense dimensions

Westkon has developed superior manufacturing capabilities to produce precast concrete elements of large dimensions. We are capable of delivering an extensive product range for specialised span and loading capacities that are suitable for large scale infrastructure projects.

With dedicated facilities for infrastructure fabrication as well as our own transport fleet, we can deliver for all civil infrastructure projects.


Some of the elements we produce for these projects include:

  • Super tee beams, capable of spanning up to 40 metres
  • T-Roff beams
  • Precast bridge girders
  • Reinforced and prestressed bridge planks
  • Bridge on and off- structure barriers and parapets
  • Precast road barriers
  • New jersey barriers
  • Precast piers and crossheads
  • Noise wall panels

To discuss the requirements for your infrastructure project, contact our Technical team today on +61 3 8746 1300, and find out how Westkon can deliver.