Westkon Precast – laying the foundations for exceptional projects

If you’ve been to Melbourne, you’ve probably driven on roads, crossed bridges, visited stadiums and hospitals, or stayed in apartments and hotels that have been built with Westkon precast components.

An established Australian precast concrete company, Westkon Precast has developed a reputation for providing highly innovative precast concrete structures and products for some of Victoria’s most prominent and largest landmarks, sporting stadiums and road developments. As one of the largest and most diverse precast producers in Victoria, the Westkon team are at the forefront of concrete technology.

With an extensive range of components and high standards of service, Westkon is a proven choice for specialised production, most notably for roads, bridges, industrial and commercial projects, hospitals, stadiums, marinas and other projects.

Westkon has developed and implemented systems to meet the requirements of the ISO standards, current OHS acts, regulations and Australian Standards. The company has also held national prequalification since 2010 under the amalgamated ‘Austroads’ scheme.

With a strong commitment to client satisfaction, Westkon offers a total solution for customers, from concept design through to on-site installation. Combined with their dedicated transport fleet and a product design and engineering service, Westkon has become a highly competitive precast concrete company.

To discuss the suitability of a precast option on your next project, and to discover new architectural finishes and the latest product innovations in speciality concrete, consult with Westkon Precast today.