Westkon Precast is an established Australian precast concrete company, which has developed a reputation for providing highly innovative precast concrete structures and products.

As the demand for precast concrete components increases in the building and construction sector, Westkon is a proven choice for specialised production. Their extensive range of components and service is suitable for roads, bridges, industrial and commercial projects, hospitals, stadiums, marinas and institutions. Westkon operates within the ISO framework and has Austroads National Prequalification for civil construction contracts. As one of the largest and most diverse precast producers, the Westkon team are at the forefront of concrete technology. Consult with us about new architectural finishes and the latest environmental updates in specialty concrete mixes or about the suitability of a precast option on your next project. As a well-established Victorian company, Westkon has their own transport, (Westkart), product design and engineering services, making them highly competitive.